Laneige Snow Soothing BB Cushion Review

Ever since I ran out of my beloved Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream, I decided to try other BB creams for the sake of, err, trying them out. 

So then came Leneige. I love Laneige. I think it's the only Korean makeup brand in the country that I find "luxurious" and of high quality. I find other cheaper Korean makeup brands a little bit tacky, with their products poorly thought of.

Ever since I got into trying Laneige Water Sleeping Pack, I thought that this brand would be a good friend for my skin. Which made me end up with Laneige Snow BB Soothing Cushion. I looked up at pictures online and I was sold. I bought it on a whim since I was running late for school. Sadly though, it didn't live up to my beloved Missha. I would not run-down on the spec-sheet of this BB cream anymore since there are tons of different information available on the internet.

What I love like about this BB cream:
1. Pretty convenient packaging. Hygienic and good enough for travel.
2. The sponge that came with it is probably the most ideal tool for using the BB cream.
3. High sun protection compared to other BB creams.
4. Doesn't itch my skin or break me out.
5. Love the cooling sensation when I apply it with the sponge.
6. It is indeed sweat-proof as what it claims. This is perfect in this hot summer. I actually went out under the scorching hot sun wearing this. I was disgustingly sweaty. I even felt sweat trickling down the sides of my face. However, this BB cream was still intact.
7. LOVELY scent.
8. Decent longevity. If I did not do anything the whole day, this can last me a good 5-6 hours. 

BB cream neutrals:
1. Gives this slight pink-orangeish tint after oxidizing (only noticeable when you look at it up-close).
2. Coverage is light. I'm okay with this because I'm not the heavy coverage type of person, but some might not like it.
3. For a BB cream, I do not find this nourishing whatsoever. A BB cream stands for Blemish Balm right? This did not do anything for my skin unlike my Missha, which really helped me with blemishes, specifically acne scars.
4. The claims of this BB cream are pretty dull. Whitening + Suncreen + Sweat-proof + Makeup effects. Now where exactly does blemish balm fit in any of these claims?
5. The price.

What I don't like about this BB cream:
1. Initial application is too yellow for my skin.
2. I don't really like the concept of having the product dispensed through a soaking sponge. It's innovative and I do think it gives the most natural, almost airbrushed finish but I think it wastes a lot of the product. And you can't really gauge how much of it you have left.
3. The finish is something I personally do not fancy. I do not understand the dewey finish that it gives. I find it weird. For someone who likes dewey finishes, this is not the type of dewiness I like. I can't explain it.
4. Not anti-aging or anti-wrinkle.
5. This shade matches me quite alright although not perfectly (Shade no. 23), but it's probably a little too yellow for me.
6. Confusing shade appearance. The shade appears significantly darker in the pan that in its pure liquid form. Which made it hard for me to choose shades.

Final Verdict and Tips:
I'm kind of disappointed with this BB cream. I love Laneige but this might be one product that did not work out for me. Needless to say, BB creams are a matter of personal preference. This one's not entirely a terrible product, but it's not really something for me.

Shameless selfie of me wearing this BB cream (straight from the camera w/ flash, no post-processing)

Just a tip though especially if you want to try this. The regular price of this one is around 1,950 pesos. It comes with the compact with mirror, the BB cream itself, and another refill. This is quite a good scheme for those of you who really love this product. However, if you haven't tried this and want to try it just to see how it goes, I think that buying the refill alone is good enough, espcially if you don't really need the mirrored compact case. No one touches up liquid products like this anyway so the compact is technically useless, unless of course you do your fresh BB cream application on-the-go. But for me, I'm fine with just the refill as it is enclosed in its own plastic compartment and already comes with a sponge. The thing though is that I keep it in its box and foil so as not to lose the sponge.

Where to buy and how much:
I bought mine at Laneige in Trinoma (Across Guess Store and Call it Spring) for around 950 pesos.

Final Rating:
3 out of 5 stars.


Rae A. said...

The "cushion" is what's keeping me from getting this. You're right, it seems like you're wasting product with the sponge built in, I can imagine it absorbing the precious product/pigment which eventually dries out.

And I agree with your comment on Laneige. I don't like the aesthetic of most korean brands. I'm not a fan of cutesy/ elaborate packaging.

PM said...

@Rae A.: And it can also be somewhat a breeding ground for bacteria.

Maita Atienza, Makeup Artist Philippines said...

I really like Laniege Water Sleeping Pack too and I believe it's true love for me and the product. But like you, i don't like their BB creams much. I have the one that comes in a white tube and find too pink as well. You have great skin by the way.
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Maita Atienza Makeup

Rae A. said...

Yeah, and that. Because you can't take it out and launder. :P

PM said...

Thank you. I love the sleeping pack too it's such a good product.