MAC Nutcracker Sweet Peach Face Compact

So I was given a MAC product as an early Christmas gift. I thought I might share what I think about the product with you very briefly.

 At first it seemed as if it was a joke - a counterfeit. The product is packed in a cheaply made plastic casing with embroidered cover. Upon opening the compact, I was surprised with how beautiful the colors of the highlighter and blush were. However, that was about it for me about this product.

Upon swatching, the highlighter was super chunky and pale. It kept on getting all over the place. It was very poor on quality. I have only used one powder highlighter in my life, which is the The Balm Mary Loumanizer. For reference, the highlighter that came with this limited edition MAC compact is more glittery and unflattering on medium skin tone. It is pigmented heavily, if that makes up for everything else.

The blush is a different story. It's beautiful, subtle, and is just a very good color. However, it does not show on medium skin tone. But this would probably look 10x better on lighter skin tones.

Overall, I definitely would not have bought this myself. Thankfully, it was a gift. As much appreciation I have for this product because it was given as a present, I highly regret to say that I would not be using it much.

More photos below:

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