L'egere White Multi BB Cream Review

So I've switched from using liquid foundations to tinted moisturizers and now on to bb creams. I'm not going to further elaborate what a bb cream is because it's all over the internet and just a google away.

I've tried skinfood and missha bb cream samples and I was quite impressed mainly because it gave me the decent "glow" I'm looking for someone who has a relatively normal to oily skin. I was about to buy the full sample of the Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream when I came across reading so many good reviews about L'egere White Multi BB Cream. Sadly, no samples of this bb cream were sold so I had to buy the whole size in my desperation to try the coveted product.

So here's my thoughts about it. The L'egere White Multi BB Cream was larger than expected. I opened it and immediately tried it out. It was true to its claim that it appears dark at first yet blends to your skintone like a dream. However, while I was blending it out (using my clean fingers), I was waiting for the glow that most bb creams gave me. It didn't quite do the job.

I always top off bb creams with a powder because it gives a more natural finish and a less streaky one. The finish was just gorgeous but didn't last after a good 4 hours. Oil control was pretty decent but it didn't miraculously stop my oil production, hence, the already color-matched bb cream turning dark on me. I looked dull and a bit messy afterwards.

Don't get me wrong though, this bb cream is by far the longest oil-controlling product for what it can do. The staying power lasts quite long HOWEVER, the effect it gives upon application is not visible anymore.

Why I'd recommend it:
1. Good for those who have combination/oily skin. It's ctually alright to use with dry skin as what I've read with other cases, but with proper moisturization.
2. One shade fits all (upon blending of course).
3. Coverage is decent for those who have less problematic skin.
4. Matte finish for those who want, well, a matte finish.
5. My skin didn't have adverse reactions with this one.

Why I won't recommend it:
1. Price may be quite expensive already for the others.
2. Will turn dark if your skin really oils up during wear.
3. For those who are a fan of the dewey finish, it won't give you the result.
4. For those who have really dark eyebags, severe acne marks, scars, and heavy discoloration, the coverage may be not enough. A concealer may come in handy.

Additional info:
Apply this with clean fingers instead of a brush. For one, using brush might give you a streakier result. For another, it dries pretty fast compared to other bb creams I've tried so a brush won't really make it in blending time. It also saves the product in the long run.

Where to buy and how much:
You can pick it up at Wang Lai Store in Banawe or at its online store partner wehaveit43 for 1,000 pesos (+50 pesos for shipping)

Overall Rate: 3.5 out of 5

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